Making a Bracelet Out of Vintage Earrings


1. Open the clip of a clip-on earring. Apply a heavy-duty adhesive to the portion of the earring that the clip meets when it is closed. Close the clip. Allow the adhesive to dry completely so that the clip will be firmly glued in the closed position.

2.  Repeat step 1 with all of the vintage clip-on earrings you want to include in your bracelet.

3.  Cut about 7 inches of beading thread, or enough to make a bracelet that will fit comfortably around your wrist. You will lose length when you make knots in the thread, but gain it when you attach the clasp.

4. Open a crimp bead with pliers. Poke one end of the thread through the hole in a crimp bead and slide the crimp bead down the thread so it is almost at the end. Knot the end of the thread several times. Push the knot into the crimp bead. Close the crimp bead around the knot.

5.Slide an assortment of beads to the beading thread.

6.  Add your vintage clip-on earrings to the beading thread where desired. Simply push the thread through the triangle-shaped opening between the earring and the closed clip. Because the clip is adhered in the closed position, the earring will remain secure on the beading thread.

7.  Use pliers to open the second crimp bead when you are about one inch from the end of the thread. Poke the beading thread through the hole of the crimp bead. As you did in step 4, knot the thread, tuck the knot into the crimp bead and close the crimp bead.

8. Snip off any excess thread with scissors.

9. Slightly open the ring on one crimp bead. Attach the ring to the ring on one end of your clasp. Then close the ring.

10.  Repeat the above step with the other crimp bead, attaching it to the ring on the opposite end of your clasp. Now your bracelet is securely attached to a clasp, which you can open and close to put it on or take it off.

Tips & Warnings

• Select beads in shapes, sizes and colors that will complement the vintage earrings you want to use.

• Instead of incorporating beads, make your bracelet entirely of vintage clip-on earrings in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.

• Choose a chunky, bold clasp to complement the eclectic style of your bracelet.

• Follow the adhesive manufacturer's instructions with regard to proper application and drying time.

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